Future Classic – August 30th

Very few artists come forth with a knockout debut single, but last February Georgia Flipo aka G-Flip appeared out of nowhere with the 10/10 ‘About You’. We were ready to be hooked up to whatever drip of incessantly catchy percussion-heavy pop she had coming next. The Australian—deep breath—drum teacher-turned-multi-instrumentalist-bedroom producer has since released a host of brilliantly zestful singles. The trop-pop warps of ‘Killing My Time’ and her ode to misanthropy on shuffle jam ‘Drink Too Much’ have been surefire stand-outs. Thankfully, G-Flip has placed these singles on her debut album About Us, a collection of songs written largely about the on-off relationship with her girlfriend. Without those singles, the record’s tendency to veer into uninspired piano-laced balladry would regrettably overwhelm the record.

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