Saddle Creek – March 8th

Listening to Hand Habits while telling my three-year-old to stop ferreting around in his pyjama bottoms for the tenth time in eight minutes has a certain synchronicity. The comparisons between Meg Duffy’s second album and the aforementioned habits of certain exploratory hands don’t stop there. The tracks offer anything from rather close scrutiny of personal matters, to seeking comfort and reassurance. Kevin Morby, for whom Duffy played guitar, correctly described Hand Habits’ sound as like a warm bath. It’s melodious alt-folk, Americana that could make America great again – without sporting a stupid red hat. Title track, ‘placeholder’ contemplates accepting second-best in life, yet Duffy’s guitar solos on ‘jessica’ and ‘can’t calm down’ (the calmest song you’ll ever hear about not being calm) are especially majestic.

Photo by Robbie Simon.

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Live: The Lexington on May 8th