As one of the youngest people to ever play Berghain and having remixed Four Tet’s ‘Jupiters’ aged 14 Happa, the alias of Samir Alikhanizadeh, established an inimitable reputation for himself from an early age. Having recently returned with ‘Only Light’ earlier this month, the counterpart ‘Only Darkness’ further showcases an innovative new evolution in Happa’s sound.

With Charlie Steen of Shame providing ominous, ritualistic utterances atop Happa’s unsettling, off-kilter electronic creations and skittering sonic oscillations, ‘Only Darkness’ “provides the inevitable minor key comedown, as disorientating and claustrophobic as a packed dancefloor when you’ve lost your mates”. This latest single, which Happa admits as being his ‘first song’, is the second of six tracks in a triptych of releases and offers a simultaneously entrancing and unnerving immersion into these new sound palettes and sonic narratives that he’s exploring and purveying.

As he releases his new track with Shame today, Happa shares some of the tracks he’s loving at the moment.
Coil – 5-Methoxy-N, N-Dimethyltryptamine: (5-MeO-DMT)
This song is about DMT and time travel or something and well yeh… it’s pretty spot on!
Happy People – Siegfried
Lovely, ambient, floaty pop made by some of my fave guys on m’lady Earth? Yes pls, thanks.
Aniello Maffettone – Vco 2
This meme sums up why I like this song better than words ever could –
Angel-Ho – Like A Girl 
This one is real fun to play out. I love how skew-whiff it all feels. It properly bangs too!
Sote – Modality Transporter 
Not only is this song inspiring but so is Sote himself! I met him recently and he’s so sweet and attentive. Love how equally raw and shiny his music is!
‘Only Darkness’ is out today.