Loma Vista – February 8th

Paying heed to the steady slew of collaborations HEALTH released recently, you’re able to see a band continuing to fight the lingering, oppressive and clumsily applied labels that have clouded perceptions of their music for over a decade. Following on from 2015’s Death Magic, Vol. 4 still packs a fair punch, but once more redraws the lines of what to expect from this atypical heavy band in 2019.

Giving Duznik’s candid ruminations further opportunity to breathe and reach out beyond layers of tortured synths and industrial riffs is working wonders – as on ‘Decimation’ – providing additional depth and a stirring desire to replay. At least half of the songs present on Vol. 4 are among the best HEALTH have committed to record; its missteps, entirely forgivable.

Buy: HEALTH – Vol. 4 :: Slaves Of Fear

Live: Oval Space on March 28th