Marathon Artists – May 24th

Honeyblood is now very much a solo project for Stina Tweeddale, but she was far from alone in the build-up to her band’s third album: “I was being haunted by a woman who’d come in my dreams and try to kill me.” Yikes! It’s an experience documented on album opener ‘She’s a Nightmare’, and gothic paranoia informs much of In Plain Sight, albeit mostly metaphorically – the tricks and treats of love and lust are confronted in the likes of ‘A Kiss from the Devil’ and ‘Tarantella’. It’s largely set to glassily- produced bubblegum rock that lacks the raw punch of Honeyblood’s earlier material but isn’t shy of brash pop-punk hooks. ‘Glimmer’ is the grittiest of these contagious cuts, but it’s the warmer, darker melodia of ‘Twisting the Aces’ that’s most likely to tingle one’s spine.

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Live: The Garage on 31st October