Ahead of their Fashion Week party this Saturday with the dynamic and effervescent DJ Chippy Nonstop, Hungama founder Ryan Lanji tells us a bit more about what Hungama is, what you can expect from their nights, and shares five tracks that’ll get you ready for their event on Saturday night at Colours Hoxton.

HUNGAMA is East London’s Queer & Creative Bollywood Hip Hop night. Created by Fashion & Art Curator Ryan Lanji, Hungama is a hybrid of iconic Bollywood, Hip Hop, Electro and the future of Sound.

Featured in Dazed, I-D, Time Out, BBC, Guardian, Hunger and Noisey, in its short existence Hungama has captured the Zeitgeist of Culture and created a safe and creatively thriving space for the Queer Asian Diaspora. Hungama has thrown their groundbreaking night all over East London and most recently at the V&A, Tate, Love Box Festival, and has even played for VOGUE.

To give you taste of what Hungama has to offer, I have chosen five tracks that really make my energy, culture and love for fusion come together. These songs are about creating a vibration that looks like the future of diversity, where sound and people move together and the world starts to feel like a much safer place full of potential.

Before Summer Ends – Khanvict

Khanvict is buzzing in my eyes, his latest album is a fantastic fusion of club beats infused with traditional Asian sounds. I came across him through HUNGAMA Dj Shimmy Hendrix and have since fallen madly in love with his vision for our musical genre.

Lover’s Eyes – Damian Lazarus

This track has turned into a club anthem… It’s our version of ‘I will survive’ from Studio 54. When this Damian Lazarus track drops – the entire club is teeming with people, shapes are being made and It’s honestly best described as an experience.

Warm Up – Skinny Local

I have recently come across Skinny Local (Who hails from my hometown Vancouver, BC) His ability to make Punjabi Rap sound similar to today’s top Dj’s is astonishing. I am currently stalking him on instagram and watching his every move.

Dum Maro Dum (Remix) – Nucleya

No Bollywood party would be complete without a hark back to Dum Maro Dum. This song is iconic and is the first time we saw our favourite Bollywood actors at that time smoking reefer and dancing on screen. This Nucleya remix evolves it into a Kitch Reggae beat but It’s hypnotic none the less.

Litte Lotto – Alo Wala ft. Nucleya

When you hear this song you’ll know the back beat.. it’s iconic. What Nucleya manages to do is create a Major Lazer style moment and no party is complete until this is a peak in someone’s DJ set (Most likely mine)

Photo credit: Scott Chasserot