Glassnote – 19th July

Electro-pop duo Megan Markwick and Lily Somerville, otherwise known as IDER, released their aptly-named debut album Emotional Education last week, coupling a relatable and artistic commentary on the millennial generation with a fusion of intricate harmonies and emotive synths. Opening track ‘Mirror’ is an intimate and introspective highlight that details the process of losing, healing and re-discovering yourself through separation. Tracks such as ‘Wu Baby’ and ‘Invincible’ showcase the raw intensity of the duo’s vocal abilities, while ‘Busy Being Rockstar’ calls out absent parents through a blend of infectious beats and unapologetic aggression.

‘Brown Sugar’ branches out into R&B territory, blending smoother, more seductive rhythms with themes of sexual empowerment, whereas ‘Body Love’ takes the form of a raw and bittersweet farewell, pushing the record into new levels of vulnerability. ‘Saddest Generation’ later addresses the harrowing statistics of mental health throughout the country, marking an anthem of solidarity and inner strength that pairs beautifully with ‘Clinging to the Weekend’ before ‘Slide’ slows the record to a haze of blissful, childhood nostalgia. As a whole, the album is relatable, emotionally vulnerable, and, frankly, incredibly raw. IDER wanted this record to connect, and that’s exactly what it does best.

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