When did you move to Berlin?
August 9th, 2013.

Who is your top Berlin artist at the moment?
My all-time favourite artist whom I have the pleasure to manage – Àbáse.

Tell us your go-to places to eat and drink.
Turkish Breakfast places anytime. I also like Datscha (Russian) and Nyom (Vietnamese). Berlin’s events take place in different venues, galleries, basements, living rooms, stores, clubs and whatnot, so that’s where I do most of the drinking! In the summer, though, my go-to place for drinking is definitely the Späti and whichever park is nearby…

What’s the best way to spend one really good day here?
A good way to spend a winter day out of the house is going to a museum/exhibition or looking out for a daytime event. There are markets, workshops and shows happening all the time. It’s Berlin: you can even go to a club in the early morning. In the summer, all you need is a bike and an open mind and things just happen.

What’s your favourite thing about the city?
That the moment you start judging someone for anything superficial, you automatically become the least cool person in your surroundings. I think that’s what maintains freedom in Berlin.

And your least favourite?
The lack of sun right now!

Top venues?
OHM, Lido, Silent Green, Artistania, Panke and obviously Badehaus.

What’s the secret to run such a successful, diverse venue like Badehaus?
We’re open to giving a stage to many different artists, as long as they are not promoting values we consider negative (right-wing shit, discrimination of any kind, homophobia, sexism etc). Even if I or my colleagues personally don’t listen to some genres, we think everyone that has a vision should have a stage to share it on.

Being so diverse, it is very challenging in order to keep a regular crowd, but we like the challenge and are happy to keep ourselves busy with it. Sometimes we have metal, jazz, pop and Afrobeat in one week. We’re proud to have one of the best sound systems for our size and are happy to have as many live performances as possible.

Situated in the RAW-Gelände, Badehaus is one of Berlin’s most iconic small venues. Find out more at: badehaus-berlin.com