The response to our first issue last month genuinely warmed our collective hearts. We’re delighted to have you join us below for more interviews, Berlin concert / club listings, new releases, a look at CTM Festival and more – across both December and January.

We frankly feel honoured to be joined for this issue by none other than musical legend, Kim Gordon. She talks to us about what is, unbelievably, her first ever solo album, years on from Sonic Youth and a plethora of other projects.

Elsewhere, we present New Sounds 2020, a marathon new music rundown, shouting about the acts we think will have a big impact in the next 12 months. From Berlin artists set to step up their game – such as Ziúr, Sofia Portanet or The Flavians – to international newcomers you simply have to hear – shout outs to Otha, TSHA and Celeste – we trek the depth and breadth of music yet to come.

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