Enigmatic and mesmerising, Jadu Heart offers a blissful, otherworldly pop landscape tinged with kaleidoscopic surrealism. With their debut album Melt Away released last week, the duo shares five tracks that have influenced their sound.

Comprised of Alex and Diva, as their mysterious masked counterparts, the duo crafts a sonic world that floats somewhere between an off-kilter, uncanny Lynchian dream and a shimmering, sun-kissed reverie. With smooth, harmonious vocals and sauntering, golden melodies Jadu Heart is equal parts vibrantly enchanting and eerily unearthly. And with their ethereal, soulful, and eclectic blend of alt-pop it’s easy to fall under their spell.

Having released their debut album Melt Away last Friday, we caught up with the enigmatic alt-pop duo to find out five tracks that have inspired them.

J’ai Paul – All Night

A – “Jai Paul completely changed my life, I remember being completely obsessed with his sound and songwriting style. All I wanted was to make music like him and I couldn’t understand why the whole world didn’t think he was the next messiah. BTSTU was the first track I heard but the album leak became the record I’ve most listened to in my life. I even went as far as almost cutting my own dub plate of the record (and still might).  On my old laptop iTunes the track counter was up to 650 on each song with All Night crowned at the top pushing 1,000. I’m forever grateful that he and his brother Anup blessed this earth with such immensely beautiful music. It is by far the most meaning full song in my life.”

Little Dragon – Klapp Klapp

D – This is the song that I always wished I made. Remember hearing it for the first time and it blew mind, I can’t really put into words why. It’s literally my most played song of all time

Wovoka Gentle – All Exterior Dark

D + A –  “We fell in love with Wovoka Gentle after going to a show of theirs when Diva found them looking for free shows on Dice. We rocked up after hearing there track “When Cameron Was In Egypt’s Land, Let My Cameron Go.” (Ferris Bueller reference). The show was so sick we bought there records on the spot, a few months later we heard a track by them called All Exterior Dark and it really mesmerised us. To this day they are very unknown but making some of the best music out of England. We even stuck a reference of them in a comic book that’s in our Vinyl. I hope they see it one day.”

Radiohead – Weird Fishes

A – “Growing up I hated Radiohead, to me they epitomised that sound and style of generic dad rock at a time when I was growing up the “garage rock” style was very much leaving the fashion of the time and mainly came across as cheesy. Flash forward to 2017 we were driving around the country and decided to pick up a copy of In Rainbows. It took a while but after around the 6th listen through everything clicked. It felt like I’d uncovered this big secret that the world was trying to tell me my whole life. The secret that Radiohead probably are the greatest band of all time, (after Pink Floyd).

It became a heavy and confused obsession, I remember at one moment being increasingly paranoid that Reckoner was never on our cd version and just appeared on Spotify one day. They really captivated my mind for a very long time and they still do, but I think for me In Rainbows will be one of the most important albums of my life and Weird Fishes will have a special place in my heart as the first song of Radiohead’s that I heard that clicked with me.”

The Kooks – Seaside

D – This song is the reason why I picked up a dusty guitar at my grandmas house when I was 13 and started writing songs. Before I’d heard it, I used to write little jazz pieces and listen to Buena Vista Social Club and Ella Fitzgerald haha. The same year, I discovered Arctic Monkeys and The Libertines.

Melt Away is out now, get the record here.