Ninja Tune – 22nd March

In the same year that Jayda Guy completed her Masters, she also finished her debut album. Structured like a scientific essay, she weaves field recordings amongst ‘Orca’s Reprise’ and significant speeches about the protection of whales on ‘Missy Know What’s Up’ with fascinating results. But, as ever, Jayda deals best in euphoria, as seen on the joyfully-hypnotic ‘Sunshine In The Valley’. “Hey you, I see you with your phone, looking at Instagram. This is the dancefloor baby, this is where you’re supposed to get down,” we’re playfully told on ‘Stanley’s Get Down (No Parking On The DF)’. Inspired by the club-dwelling “row of guys just standing there, not dancing, just staring”, it’s impossible to picture anyone not intoxicated by Significant Changes and remaining still in its wake.

Photo by Farah Nosh.

Buy: Jayda G – Significant Changes

Live: XOYO on June 14th