BMG – March 15th

Opening with ‘Lux Prima’ (first light) and closing with ‘Nox Lumina’ (night light), Lux Prima, delivers a liberating landscape from two luminescent alchemists. Lush textures, romantic string sections and Karen O’s soaring vocal range lace this record with warmth, indulgence and weightlessness. Early single, ‘Woman’, is a feisty and powerful mid-album interlude, while lighter cuts ‘Turn The Light’, with its funky bassline, and the softly crackly ‘Reveries’ tell of daydreams, intimacy and adventure. This album was created without boundaries and expectations, and nowhere does that liberating creative process shine brighter than on closing track, ‘Nox Lumina’. It’s wistful and cinematic, otherworldly and experimental. “Everytime I close my eyes, someone else’s paradise” Karen O sings. In Lux Prima, the pair have created a paradise of their own.

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