How often in life are we wholly, heart-stirringly stimulated? To be fuelled and fulfilled at the same time is an indulgence reserved for those of the exceptional and urgently pioneering; the impassioned and the rebellious. In an era of exceedingly vital dialogues and global engagement (and isolation) it’s easy to get lost amongst all of the chaos but, birthed from the conversations had and to be had the world may well have just been gifted a gem of the finest cut extraordinary.

Fongola is “the key”. A sweltering seed of collective charge from the Congolese DIY powerhouse KOKOKO!. A record in the truest of forms, this lyrically psych-soaked debut is welded, multi-disciplinary anarchy from crossroad ’ed tradition antipodes, trapped inside the puzzling complexities of the organically, ever-expanding group’s environmental chaos. Electric polyrhythms and youth-fuelled electro ambitions are abundant and densely hypnotic as the thickest of experimentation surges untameably over every polished establishment it can get it’s eleven tracked, innovative hands on. Accompanied single ‘Buka Dansa’ is surface level hectic with sludgy synthetic basslines and helter-skelter riffs from handmade guitars. An ode to the good things in life – to ‘dance ‘til it breaks’ – it’s unapologetically feel good in the face of obstruction and reverbs blissfully right through into frenzied euphoria.

Paving self-made paths through modern life in the third most populous city in Africa, ‘Malembe’ means to slow down. Devastating cried tones from the gutted pit of a society built to destruct it’s inner core, there is a stunning soul-spirited urgency for release. A dreamer’s anthem, it churns out whispered echoes with blazoned cross-rhythm complexities and synth driven afro-beat and turns it into something undoubtedly uplifted. Other tracks such as ‘Kitoko’ embrace female vocals that add an equilibrium texture to the assortment that’s refreshingly communal, reflective, and cadenced at a waved pace.

Fongola is an absolute, all-human must have that will stand the test of time and circumstance with encompassed relevancy.

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