As we continue our mission to highlight the best of Berlin, we’re inviting some our favourite event curators to recommend their most exciting upcoming shows. In the hot-seat this time are the dark, weird and wonderful Milk Me, who this month offer an array of shows which stretch beyond their traditional home of Urban Spree.

Picks include a festival so boundary-pushing that it “widens the idea of what dance music can be”, a crate-digging guitar band who sound more like a dance act, and a veritable supergroup headed up by one of Germany’s most-loved up-and-coming singer-songwriters.

Milk Me take you through their highlights below…

Liza Aikin – Teorema

Teorema Berlin 2020
Friday March 13th
Urban Spree

Teorema is a global community of audiovisual and experimental artists working in the electronic music scene. The collective works mostly out of Spain but travels as much as possible to collaborate on events around Europe. This is their second festival in Berlin, the first being in 2019 which was also held at Urban Spree. This festival is for lovers of challenging and experimental dance and electronic music, it aims to widen the idea of what dance music can be, focussing not just on sound, but also with a large focus on visuals, giving a full sensory experience.
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Saturday March 14th

YĪN YĪN come from a new generation of bands who are working to further blend electronic or dance music and what was once the classic concert format. Played all live and with classic instrumentation, YĪN YĪN serve more as a dance act than a rock band, playing in a very unique style of high-energy Southeast Asian music from the 60s and 70s, using guitars, drums and synthesisers… Working simultaneously as a dance and concert band.
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P.D.O.A – Photo by Yunbi AN

P.D.O.A – Public Display of affection
Thursday 26th March
8mm Bar

P.D.O.A the new project of Jesper Munk, Madeleine Rose (of dance theatre collective, Das Gegenteil), Lewis Lloyd (Plattenbau) Anton Remy (Baketown). With a heavily art-based performance style, the group play a mix of garage soul, punk and kinky jazz. For lovers of The Gun Club, Jefferson Airplane and 60s soul.
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