Erased Tapes – October 18th

Sometimes when an artist pads out an album with previously-released material, it can feel like a cop-out. But Nils Frahm isn’t just any old artist and, more than anything, we should seize every opportunity to appreciate this collection of songs.

Comprised of tracks from all three EPs of the Encores series, it showcases Frahm’s individual and evolving musical styles across each one: piano-led meanderings, ambient soundscapes and more expansive, percussive works. It’s the latter that dish up consistent moments of magic, the bubbling urgency of ‘All Armed’ burning brightest. Yet even when Frahm is at his most ambitious, you get the sense it comes almost effortlessly to him. No wonder he’s considered one of electronic music’s most influential, untouchable figures. All Encores fully justifies that.

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