Heavenly Recordings – May 31st

Given the consistent string of slacker-pop earworms Dutch guitar outfit Pip Blom have churned out since 2016, you’d expect their debut full-length to deliver much of the same and then some. And it does just that.

Boat bursts open with sharp single, ‘Daddy Issues’, and like a reliable employee delivers big chorus after big chorus. Even on tracks like ‘Say It’, whose opening verse has a restrained Whitest Boy Alive feel, a catchy chorus is not far behind the sedate opening guitars.

It’s a standard that never lets up. From ‘Tired’ to ‘Bedhead’ to ‘Tinfoil’, Pip Blom takes nice verses and morphs them into mean choruses, as playfully as blowing bubbles in milkshake. “I think I’m hard to please,” Blom repeats on jerky banger ‘Don’t Make It Difficult’. With tracks as consistently strong as they are on Boat, this perfectionism can only be a good thing.

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