Fat Possum – March 8th

To me, Royal Trux always sounded like what might happen if you asked people who’d never heard rock’n’roll to form a band based on what they’d picked up from reading Lester Bangs articles while high; all the tropes were present, but in a frighteningly, fantastically, fucked up way.

Thankfully, the same is also true of their first album in 19 years. White Stuff is one of Neil Hagerty and Jennifer Herrema’s more “tuneful” records, but it still makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. The paranoid skronks of ‘Every Day Swan’ and ‘Year of the Dog’ terrify me. They are my favourite tracks. Oh, and ‘Get Used to This’ has Kool Keith on it, for some reason.

Album of the year? Fucked if I know. But, yeah. Maybe.

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