Domino – September 13th

A long drawling howl flows into plucking guitars, disjointed harmonies and contrasting rich layers of metallic twanging. As they soften, the words “not today” repeatedly break through, driving forward the pulsating cumulation. Here, (Sandy) Alex G is displaying an expansion of his melodic talents. His latest release House of Sugar is characterised by its combined elements of country music with dense and meticulously-curated textures from strings and fuzzy synthesisers. It feels like a natural progression from low-fi bedroom creations to a slicker studio operation, with tracks like ‘Project 2’ toying with 80’s-esque drum machines while robotic vocal distortion adds flair to ‘Sugar’. This is (Sandy) Alex G’s most progressive work yet, proving he’s moved away from being a cult prodigy to one of the industry’s most prolific artists.

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Live: EartH on February 12th 2020