On the cusp of her show at Kantine Am Berghain (part of XJAZZ Festival), we invited Sassy 009 to share some the tracks that have inspired her, from her teens up until her preparations for upcoming extended EP, Kill Sassy 009. If you haven’t heard the lead track, ‘Are You Still a Lover’ yet, it’s a firm must:

Enjoy Sassy 009’s selections here, see the end for live dates and more.

Yung Lean – Emails

The opening lyric, “Empire of emotions, my Pokémon lotion, 600 hunna email I ain’t even open,” hit me so hard when I first heard it. My email inbox was basically filled with spam at this point, as I was 16 or 17 years old while I listened to this one, but I just felt so much in this song, which goes for the entire album it’s taken out from too, Unknown Death 2002. The whole atmosphere just described something I felt very deeply at that point in my life.

Jessie Ware – ‘Sweet Talk’

This is also one of the songs I listened to in high school. I just loved – and still do – the futuristic 80s pop sound and, wow, she is such a great vocalist… Listened to this through one of many heartbreaks as a teenager; It really takes me back to the bus rides before and after school. Locking myself in my own space, giving myself a moment before doing shitloads of homework and not feeling like I knew what I was doing on this planet.

Fleet Foxes – The Shrine / An Argument

This song has been close to my heart for almost ten years. Still don’t get tired of it, and since I don’t listen to it that much anymore, it’s a very special experience for me to revisit now and then. Even though I’m not religious, I find the song very close to whatever God there might be, if there is one. Also like I’m going back to Jesus time walking in leather shoes with a white blanket around my body, living for a higher reason than myself. That was intense. I’m going to stop there.

Kraftwerk – ‘Numbers – Live’

My dad showed me Kraftwerk sometime during my teens. I was O B S E S S E D. This track – and this particular live version of it – is still my all-time favourite Kraftwerk track. The atonal, dizzy melodic part of it is simply sick. If there was one song I wish I’d made myself in this world, it would have to be this one.

Eric B. & Rakim – ‘Don’t Sweat the Technique’

When I first started snowboarding quite actively, I was listening to this dope track on my way to the slopes, visualising what tricks I wanted to learn, like, seeing myself in slow-mo doing something absolutely rad. I was so intensely stoked to learn new tricks after listening to this one. Literally felt like a boss, ha! I couldn’t, and still can’t, obsess enough over the bassline in this beat. Sick! It actually made me try and learn double bass for a period in my life.

Kill Sassy 009 is out November 22nd via Luft Recordings. Sassy 009 plays Kantine Am Berghain for XJAZZ festival on 19th November. Info and tickets here.