Houndstooth – May 3rd

Eleven years since the band’s formation, Bath natives Snow Ghosts have worked mercilessly to refine their sound, blending a unique hypnotic ambience with post-industrial influences, haunting vocal harmonies and a smooth wave of electronic undertones. This month, the trio return with their third studio album, A Quiet Ritual, offering a poetic and sobering commentary on the concept of death. John Kenny’s carnyx opens the album, gradually progressing into a violent and distorted burst of sound, courtesy of ‘RIP’, while ‘Heavy Heart’ builds towards a rush of heavy, aggressive instrumentals. Later, the mesmerising ‘Spinners’ borrows lyrical themes from Norse mythology, and Cartwright’s powerful vocals pierce through an eerie musical soundscape laden with sorrow, before the harrowing ‘Silence’ reflects the emptiness of loss with a simple, bittersweet melody.

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