Rough Trade – April 26th

“A dystopia that I’ve created in my brain,” explains SOAK of her second album, Grim Town. “Me on the inside, processed into a pretend location.” Bridie Monds-Watson does possess an exceptional ability to transport the listener to a beautifully cold, movingly desolate place with her incredibly assured, thought-provoking and astute song-writing. Pair this with a beautifully unique vocal and intricate, diverse production and it’s a record of great depth and variety. ‘Deja Vu’ is an uplifting pop ditty wrapped in typical SOAK subtlety, ‘Knock Me Off My Feet’ recalls Wild Nothing with its gently-driving indie-pop hue, while lead single ‘Everybody Loves You’ is a stunning example of Monds-Watson’s melancholy balladry. SOAK has invited us all to Grim Town, but sonically it’s an entirely beautiful place to be.

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Live: Islington Assembly Hall on May 17th