The KTNA​ is genre-splicing twin sisters with boundless energy and unfiltered optimism. Made in Kenya, raised in Manchester, and now residing in London, Hope​ and ​Millie Katana weave their otherworldly-soul with experience to create an opulent musical tapestry that reveals new intricacies with every listen.

This is evident in their first EP, Life Under Siege, which takes listeners on a journey like no other. Twins working together creatively isn’t something new but what makes The KTNA so different is how they are both different, complimenting each other artistically.

It’s clear that the sisters have gone through a roller-coaster journey, none more so than in their debut single ‘Hope’ which kickstarted their musical project in March. Brimming with raw honesty about their past while also refusing to be defined by it, ​the single is indicative of The KTNA’s lyricism that shows maturity well beyond their years.

Beyond this their soulful, harmonic voice make them a joy to listen to but also hooks you on their journey from East Africa to London via the Northeast of England. The retrospective tales continue in ‘One Way Ticket (OWT)’​, which captures a difficult time in their lives when everything seemed to be falling apart.

Life Under Siege is a cathartic caricature dive into their past through intricate storytelling and a celebration of diversity.

Despite obvious influences from some arena-selling artists, The KTNA is unique, not only by being musical twins but through their storytelling ability, all of which is self-produced. The album should give The KTNA a solid platform to forge a musical career which many people will be able to relate to.

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