After releasing third album Loma on Houndstooth late last year, Throwing Snow reveals a selection of artists and sounds that helped to shape the record.

Gripping and wildly varied, the album expands on Ross Tones’ previous efforts by veering between devastating drum and bass, jagged techno and soothing ambient in under one hour. After the record was pressed to vinyl for the first time at the end of 2018, accompanied by a stunning Octo Octa remix, Tones showcased the new sounds throughout Europe, including at Berlin’s Panorama Bar and alongside Bonobo at fabric.

On his selection, he says: “This playlist traces some of the aesthetics and influences of my album Loma. Subs form an underlying foundation for the drums and percussion to float on top. The rhythms themselves seem to ebb and flow because of the broken grooves stumbling ever forward. In terms of melody, they follow a similar path; the pads from a bed for the percussive melodies to pierce through. Timing and swing are always more important than key or mode.”

Sully – Qualia [Astrophonica]


Throwing Snow – Too Polite [Local Action]


dBridge – Death Of A Drum Machine [R&S Records]


Breakage – Panic Room [Inperspective Records]


Xanadu – The Void [Dom & Roland Productions]


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