After two projects co-produced with Rob Ellis (PJ Harvey), the fourth album from Mackenzie Scott, aka Torres, sees her debut as sole producer. The follow-up to 2017’s Three Futures, in Silver Tongue Torres continues in her sumptuous pop, rock and electronic hybrid, musing on love and desire; finding it, chasing it, fighting for it, losing it, understanding it.

According to Merriam Webster, to be of “silver tongue” is to be “marked by convincing and eloquent expression”. Silver Tongue is convincing, and fervent. At times, the swirling guitar engulfs the lyricism, obscuring Scott’s impassioned, narrative vocal; muddling the eloquence. The record is heavily textured: glittering synths meet driving percussion and punchy guitar, but for ‘Gracious Day’, a delicate, acoustic love song and one of the album’s stand-outs. “You moved in like a wave of quiet grace,” Torres sings — eloquence divine.

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Photo by Michael Lavine.