Kelly Lee Owens – Night

From her collaboration with Jenny Hval and Daniel Avery to her brilliant self-titled debut, Kelly Lee Owens‘ music has been in constant mutation, exploring electronic atmospheres filled with desire, intimacy and somehow even an eerie comfort. The Welsh producer – now gearing up towards her sophomore album, Inner Night, out August 28th – just released her second single, ‘Night’. According to Owens: “This track speaks as to how feelings and insights are more accessible to us at nighttime… How the veils are thinner somehow and therefore how we are more able to connect to our hearts’ true desires”. We’re eagerly awaiting our return to the dancefloors.

From A.O Gerber‘s ‘All I’ve Known’ to Angelo de Augustine‘s ‘Santa Barbara’, this week’s Tracks Of The Week also features former Berliner Animal Party‘s ‘Enchantment’, Drab City‘ ‘Troubled Girl’, Gábor Lázár‘s ‘Source’, Choir Boy‘s ‘Sweet Candy, 88/89′s ‘The Man’, Eades‘ ‘Same Guy’, ‘You’re Too Precious’ by James Blake and more! From Berlin, this week we’re featuring Relatiiv’s ‘Shut Me Down’, Usted‘s ‘Sigan Bailando’, Juno Francis’ ‘Queen’s Anthem’, and newcomer NAARI’s ‘Versatile’, off her brand new EP everythingeverything.

Enjoy the full playlist here:

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