Special-K – Post Coital

One of the most fascinating things about Berlin-based Special-K is her ability to make the mundane intriguing. As she wanders through her delicate, imaginary (yet often jaded) world, her music reflects the growing pains of age, failed romance and life in a millennial world, one built upon layers of impostor syndrome. ‘Post Coital’, the second single off her new EP LUnatic thirST, is a hollow tale, each word as incisive and sharp as a razorblade.

From Jenny Hval‘s grandiose ‘Bonus Material’ to Orville Peck‘s ‘Summertime’, and even Lindsay Lohan‘s comeback (yes, it happened) pop frenzy ‘Back To Me’, this week’s Tracks Of The Week also features Vaarin‘s ‘Palace Square’, Malena Zavala‘s ‘Searching for Life’, Kllo‘s return with ‘Still Here’, Portuguese Whales‘ ‘ Twerp’ remixed by Throes + The Shine, ‘舞狮Lion Dance’ by Ian Chang and more! From Berlin, this week we also have new tracks by Danny George, with ‘Embrace’, Bitte Please‘s ‘Candy Cigarette’, Olivier St. Louis‘ ‘Runnin’ Wild’ and ‘Aiv1’, the debut single of Portrait XO‘s AI album project.

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