Blue Hawaii – I Felt Love

Blue Hawaii continue their foray into being the most dancefloor-ready version of themselves with new summer bop, ‘I Felt Love’. It’s the first taste of their upcoming mixtape, Under 1 House; written while on tour, recorded at a wood cabin in rural Québec and completed long-distance amid Corona mayhem. Rhythmic and immediate, but just sparse enough to swim around in, it’s a seductive single for those enamoured with last year’s Open Reduction Internal Fixation.

From Marie Davidson (and her new band, L’Œil Nu)’s typically wry banger, ‘Renegade Breakdown’, to the return of Helena Deland with ‘Someone New’ the amount of excellent new music this week is almost grotesque. Be sure to dive into the melancholia of Jónsi‘s ‘Cannibal’ (featuring Elizabeth Fraser of Cocteau Twins), the robotic new Sufjan Stevens track, ‘Video Game’, and R. Missing‘s acidic, gothic effort, ‘Ultracareful’. Elsewhere, A. G. Cook comforts with his distilled, PC Music-y take on R&B via latest single, ‘Alright’. The Berliners are also out in force, with Ultraflex, Okay Kaya, Peaches, Nina Hynes and Honey Dijon all featuring in our TOTW playlist.

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