Helena Deland – Lylz

Inspired by the Boulanger sisters and their devotional bond to one another, Helena Deland took that cue as inspiration, bringing us her latest single. Recorded along with Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s Jake Portrait, ‘Lylz’ is a declaration and acknowledgement of friendship between the Montréal-based musician and her friend. It’s a welcome and long-awaited comeback single, initiating her return to the music circuits after her Altogether Unnaccompanied EP series.

From The Go! Team‘s comeback single ‘Cookie Scene’ to Rival Console‘s ‘Sudden Awareness of Now’, we’re also featuring ‘Vicious Pastimes’ by newcomers House of Harm and Sophie Hunger‘s ‘Alpha Venom’. Elsewhere, we’re bringing you beabadoobee‘s ‘Care’, ‘A Hymn’ by IDLES, ‘Trials’ by Cults, ‘The Bomb’ by Annie, Shamir‘s ‘I Wonder’, HAAi‘s ‘Head Above The Parakeets’ and more! From Berlin, have a listen to Perlee‘s new single ‘Slow Your Eyes’, ‘Team’ by jettes and ‘Growing’ by, the one and only, Wolfgang Tillmans.

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