Run The Jewels – walking in the snow

In the wake of the historic events that happened these past weeks, what better soundtrack than Run The Jewels’ new album. Despite it being recorded in 2019, RTJ4 fits hand in glove into the narrative we’re currently living in. On ‘walking in the snow’, Killer Mike raps about a series events with eerie parallels to the murder of George Floyd, which we’ve seen lead to the Minneapolis uprisings and in turn a global protest in support of the #BlackLivesMatter movement. Consider donating here and to #saytheirnames.

From Zimmer‘s enchanting new single ‘Meteor’ to Teen Daze‘s ‘Reality Refresh’, we’re also featuring ‘Bitter Taste of Goodbye’ by Vaarin and Nils Wülker‘s ‘The You of Now’. Elsewhere, we’re bringing you Christopher Scullion‘s ‘ From The Heart’, ‘Midnight Sun’ by GREAMS, Tomine Harket‘s ‘Dead To Me’, ‘The Last Thing’ by Lebanon Hanover and more! From Berlin, have a listen to Alinka‘s excellent ‘Do What U Want’, Lyhre‘s ‘I eat pain’, Stony Sugarskull‘s ‘Beehive’, off her new record, Lioness, Novaa‘s ‘Cyber Room’ and Steppenkind’s ‘Bravado’.

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