Virginia Wing – I’m Holding Out For Something

We first heard about Virginia Wing in 2017, with them delivering a fantastic performance at ACUD MACHT NEU. Three years have past and their sound has matured – and the duo became a trio again. ‘I’m Holding Out For Something’ is the first single off their upcoming new album ‘Private Life’, to be released on February 12th 2021 via Fire Recordings.

From Public Memory‘s eerie ‘Butcher’ to Molchat Doma‘s swinging soviet goth-pop ‘Otveta Net’ and CocoRosie‘s empowering anthem ‘GO AWAY!, this week we also have the always entertaining duo Faux Fur with ‘Spooky Bois’ and Byfyn‘s luscious ‘I Love Me Too’. Elsewhere, don’t miss Still Corners‘ ‘Crying’, Xenia Rubinos‘ thrilling ‘Who Shot Ya?’ ‘We Are Drops’ by Fatima Yamaha and so much more!

From Berlin, we have a vast selection of artists and genres for you to pick from. From Emma Nydén‘s second single ‘Foam’ to the always delightful Albertine Sarges‘ ‘Fish’, make sure to dive into A.S Fanning‘s soothing ‘All Time’, off his upcoming album You Should Go Mad, ‘Dancing Trees’ by Lisa Akuah, Robin and The Goblins‘ (FKA Goblin Prince) ‘Cyclone Season’, seba‘s ‘Bathroom Dude’ and schoeneberg‘s ‘Shades’.

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