Helena Deland – Pale

We’re not quite sure how Vancouver’s Helena Deland manages to cook up such distinct singles while somehow still sounding exactly like her, but it certainly makes Monday morning a better plane to exist on. New offering, ‘Pale’, is a masterclass in subtle, divergent pop, riddled with cathartic vintage synth moments while driving us slowly but firmly forward. On repeat listens, cryptic lyrics exploring self-acceptance and escapism begin to sink in as you’re beckoned gently into the night and Deland’s own rich world.

Elsewhere, don’t miss Smerz’s ‘The Favourite’, Ana Roxanne‘s haunting ‘Camille’, or the return of top-shelf cool dads, Future Islands with new single, ‘Born in a War’. Lykke Li is also back with a dreamy Swedish ballad to make life worth living. Testing your language skills further still this week is a powerful piece of dark pop from Ukraine’s Luna, in the form of ‘Лебединая’ (Swan). Another highlight, Berlin’s own Schwefelgelb will leave you fully awake after one spin of their unrelenting new single, ‘Reflex’.

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