Kelly Moran – Helix III

With Kelly Moran and Prurient both having toured with Merzbow and Becka Diamond, before bonding over piano compositions, drone and noise synthesis after supporting Oneohtrix Point Never in NYC in 2018, these two are an unlikely pairing that is now blooming in full. Having just announced their split album, Chain Reaction At Dusk, out on December 4th via Hospital Productions, Kelly Moran lifts the veil on what’s to come, with her new single ‘Helix III’ a fine example of enchanting electronic soundscaping.

Don’t miss Lynks’ banging ‘Pedestrian at Best’, Molchat Doma‘s cavernous ‘Discoteque’ and Phoebe Bridgers’ first Saddest Factory signing, Claud, with ‘Gold’. Julia Jacklin is also back with her delightful warmth, with two songs, ‘to Perth, before the border closes’ and ‘CRY’. Elsewhere, make sure to also listen to Loscil‘s ‘Nei Vei’, Erika de Casier‘s ‘No Butterflies, No Nothing’, Shygirl‘s ‘Slime’ and the return of our beloved Nilüfer Yanya with ‘Crash. From Berlin, rRoxymore has you covered with a set of remixes from her track ‘Forward Flamingos’ and, Alain Gertrand debut EP ‘Les Vagues’ and, of course, Ultraflex‘s ‘Full of Lust’, their last single before their new album, Visions of Ultraflex, coming out next week.

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