Labyrinth Ear – You Told Me

There were times when we thought it may never happen, but Labyrinth Ear are back after six years of quietude! Leaving London behind, the duo have found themselves in Berlin and, as a result, a four-track EP is underway for later this year. ‘You Told Me’ reignites their journey, reprising the brooding eeriness and devotional lyricism that we’d been sorely missing. It’s a comeback that feels like a re-encounter with an old and dear friend – in a way, it feels like they never left.

We have a strong playlist this week, ranging from returning legends to newly-released albums and with a fresh new selection from Berlin’s finest. Be sure not to miss Roísín Murphy‘s ‘We Got Together’, off her incredible new album Róisín Machine, as well as Toronto’s own Prince Innocence with their excellent new track ‘Angelyne’ and HTRK‘s ‘Real Headfuck’. Along with Romy‘s ‘Lifetime’ and Purity Ring covering Alice DJ’s ‘Better Off Alone’, from Berlin, have a listen to Kris Baha‘s ‘Struck’ and the aforementioned glorious Labyrinth Ear comeback.

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