beabadoobee – Worth It

British-Filipino singer-songwriter beabadoobee is gearing up for the release of her debut album, Fake It Flowers, via London label, Dirty Hit. Out on October 16th, the singer offers us another insight into what’s coming. Her new single, ‘Worth It‘, looks at teenage infidelity and the mistakes one can make when they’re tempted to do things. It’s a bit of a confessional song, but also brings with it an understanding that it’s all a part of life. Listen below:

From Blue Hawaii‘s ‘Not my Boss!’, to Marie Davidson & L’Œil Nu’s, ‘Worst Coming To Worst, we have a fulfilling selection to please your appetite. While you’re at it, have a listen to the new New Order, Shame, Sylvan Esso, Good Sad Happy Bad and Wisdom Water. or the newfound identity of Good Sad Happy Bad, formerly known as Micachu & The Shapes. From Berlin, from La Laguna‘s luscious ‘Inside & Out’, Linea Aspera‘s ‘Entanglement’ to Perlee‘s ‘ Bird and The Statue’, Avalon Emerson‘s ‘Long-Forgotten Fairytale’ and Wicked Hag‘s Blissed Carmxn being remixed of by Mad Kate from Hyenaz, these tracks are a solid selection to celebrate the upcoming end of manic Summer. Enjoy!

Enjoy the full playlist here:

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