Ninja Tune – July 19th

Heading into Weather, opening track ‘Easy’ does very little to win over Tycho’s detractors. Whilst the band’s music swells with a certain cinematic grandeur, it often feels unsurprising – for instance, where one could picture bursting through a layer of cloud cover as the sun births the plane in a fresh light, another sees economy class air travel. Sometimes the destination simply isn’t enough when the journey lacks excitement.

Though this is apparently a false start. When Saint Sinner – aka Hannah Cottrell – crops up, things start to get interesting. Her delicate, drifting vocals aren’t an overbearing presence amidst the heady swirls of Tycho’s instrumentals; in fact, they are the perfect accompaniment, slick and subtle, the missing ingredient that adds some depth and flavour to sometimes otherwise watery soup.

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Live: Printworks on March 5th