We’re very pleased to have an exclusive premiere of the video for ‘Falling in Space’, a track from the inimitable Gloria de Oliveira‘s brand-new EP, La Rose de Fer.

Formerly known as lovespells, the Brazilian-German creator has spent her time between Berlin, Hamburg and Paris, developing her artistry while collaborating, producing, directing and acting among any other venture she may pursue. Gloria truly embodies her music as a vessel of her identity, where visual, audio, performance and eerie sensibilities come to life and are aligned with her alluring vision, validating her as a talented multidisciplinary artist with a taste for the sombre. 

‘Falling In Space’, directed and produced by Gloria herself, tells the tale of a lonely space princess calling out in song from her planet of silver light, wrapping itself in hollow Lynchian aesthetics and delicate imagery.

Head to Gloria de Oliveira’s Instagram page to keep up to date with the latest updates and check her video for ‘Falling in Space’ below.

Featured image: Ronja Lahr