With a strong penchant for grandiose melodies, big metaphors and a dash of Peter Pan complex, Berlin-based non-binary musician, Goblin Prince, narrates their truth by channelling a reality seen through the eyes of a youth’s dream.

As they wander through their past, present and idealised future as a queer individual, exploring notions of shame, identity and alienation, new single, ‘Shadow Dancer’, is a pastoral pop ode to introversion, where Celtic strings and dreamy synths create a oneiric scene as the Prince summons hope in the face of adversity.

The music video, directed by Pepa Kistner, is inspired by folk horror films like The Wicker Man, in which deranged rural communities sacrifice their own in the name of tradition, juxtaposing, in this case, lush, pastoral imagery with the terror of a harvest cult victim. This all works to convey the feeling of isolation and mistrust one sometimes feels when growing up as the black sheep of the community.

Watch the video below:

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