If you’ve roamed around the never-ending artistic rabbit holes of Berlin, HYENAZ are a household name that you’ve certainly come across, and all for the right reasons. Foreign Bodies, a research project the duo have been conducting over a long period of time, dissects questions of embodiment through a thorough lens and has seen them move on from a band set up to a/v artistry, exploring boundaries and concepts, disrupting sounds and images in several bodies of work such as manifestos, audio tracks, essays, performances and video.

Fresh off of a series of shows at Volksbühne with Peaches, HYENAZ are now releasing their new single, ‘Columns’. The track, as abrasive as industrial techno can be, was built entirely from vocalisations and organic percussion scavenged from deep within a cave outside Częstochowa, Poland, a pilgrimage town.

The video, created in collaboration with Xenia Ramm and Old Erik from the Hackstage artist collective in Denmark, was produced using analogue video processing to deconstruct footage of stalactites, trees and wind turbines that the duo collected in the caves of the Harz Mountains. ‘Columns’, out via Canadian techno label, OBSKUR MUSIC, also features several remixes from Lady Maru, Bad Conscience, Consumer Refund and NVRS.

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