Ahead of his release show at the end of the month, Jae Tyler has shared his new and fifth single, ‘Speed’. Out via Berlin’s Street Pulse Records, home to some of the city’s most exciting new acts, Tyler’s debut is shaping up to be an irresistible amalgamation of over-stimulation, life stories, reflections and the all-round reincarnation of a debaucherous Neukölln party.

According to Jae Tyler:

Speed, to me has always represented that hungry vacuum inside. A sort of self-shaped hole, if you will. Jóhanna Rakel Jónasdóttir, who made the video did an artful job conveying the loneliness of someone who looks like they have a 2001 Mercedes on loan, estranged stepchildren, a failed soccer coaching career, and has resorted to being a speed dealer as his main hustle. He, of course, can’t help generously sampling his own product to try and fill that void inside. This song/video is for all who seldom sleep, and never stop to examine life choices. Love yourself.

Watch the video for ‘Speed’ below:

Jae Tyler is performing at West Germany on 31 January in support of the release of Jae Tyler Digest, his debut album. More info here.