No, it’s not a typo in the title header. It is, in fact, an acronym for Berlin-based performance artist Mataya Waldenberg‘s new single, ‘Nothing Or No One Can Take This Joyride Away From Me Now’. Waldenberg, born in Vienna, creates immersive performance pieces with a strong participatory approach, with the ultimate goal of attracting whoever may experience a piece in the flesh into her world, allowing each participant to engage and cooperate. By way of constant inspiration, creative sharing and freedom of expression, Mataya proves that it’s possible to build inspiring alternative realities without enhancers or virtual barriers.

‘Nothing Or No One Can Take This Joyride Away From Me Now’ is one piece of a greater puzzle, her first album – The World, She Comes. It’s an album that tracks a journey to “establish relationships with kindred spirits” and collectively fight off oppressive structures. According to Mataya:

“Work on this single release has been made with the incredible, passionate help of several of my close friends. In the spirit of the song, I was able to excite them to make this happen together, as this is not just meant to make myself feel good, above all else – it shows a way to enjoy oneself through selflessly sharing one’s joy with the world, creating a synergetic feedback loop, where the positive energy multiplies and multiplies – a valid alternative to competitiveness and narcissist attitudes. The process can be a joyful experience as well, where kindred spirits together strive under the guidance of someone’s idea.”

Watch the video for ‘Nothing Or No One Can Take This Joyride Away From Me’ below:

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