Melodic – April 5th

Blur sounds like a great name for a chain of opticians. Mumford & Sons could easily be undertakers. Oasis (allegedly) named themselves after a leisure pool in Swindon. W.H. Lung sounds like the purveyor of stationery and offal, and are named after their local Chinese supermarket. Any self-respecting supermarket plays incidental music. If supermarkets played as mesmeric, non-incidental music as the content of W.H. Lung’s Incidental Music, then arguably more people would go shopping. No more quick trolley-dashes, dodging the arguing families and the unpleasant chilled aisles. You’d definitely hang about. After merely two of the ten-minutes-plus of synth-pop/post-rock opener, ‘Simpatico People’, you’ve already had a warming dose of Kraftwerk, The Cure, Mogwai and Public Service Broadcasting. Well worth checking out.

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Live: Oslo on May 18th