Warp Records – August 30th

Do you remember the ‘Feel Good Hit of the Fall’? The breakout hit from a band whose name was almost impossible to pronounce correctly – prime dance-punk noughties, perhaps something most imagined would fade into obscurity.

But here we are. 2019 and !!! (Chk Chk Chk) are still going strong with their eighth studio album Wallop, now undeniably proving the longevity of genre-busting big beats and that “na’s” never go out of style.

With each release, the band feels invigorated. Sparing no time ‘Let It Change U’ hits straight out of the gate with filthy menace. And the Liars-inflected ‘Off The Grid’ bears a hook so addictive it should probably come with a health warning. Malformed funk for the Black Mirror generation? You got it – Wallop!

Buy: !!! – Wallop

Live: EartH on November 29th