Münster-based art pop duo, We Will Kaleid concoct an interesting dynamic of sound and vision. Picking up minimalist beats, elaborate sound design and layers of synthesised structures, vocal manipulation and a futuristic aesthetic, they create a realm of their own: abrasive, incisive and sonically confrontational.

Suitable for the times we’re currently facing, We Will Kaleid’s new video focuses on the concept of detachment from humanity. According to the band:

“We wanted to show how a system, like the capitalism which we’re living in right now, can first lure us in with its comfort, but in the end, it’s eating us up. And also, while we’re in that system, we do take part in it. We can’t blame everything on cruel circumstances, there is also the possibility to resist. Or, of course, decide to be part of it and treat people like shit. Because we think we have more value than others, because we have more money or different gender, more power, you name it. The moment we feel ‘so much better then you’ is the moment we lose touch with the value of all lives around us. “

We invited Jasmina de Boer and Lukas Streich to give us some thoughts on the music that inspire them and contributed directly to the creation of their new single ‘Lingual, out via Berlin-based Sinnbus.

Billie Eilish – you should see me in a crown

A song to listen to on repeat for a whole day. We love the amount of detailed perfection in it. It’s our favourite style of production right now, where every sound tells its own story. We love the vocal attitude, the lyrics and the perfect balance between brutality and softness. There is a truly inspiring unwillingness to compromise according to their sound and music that we share in our work as well.

5K HD – In, Out

We would like to run away to live on an island with that sick bass sound and never come back. It feels like 5K HD is taking the best parts from every genre they desire. There are pieces of rap, jazz, and electronic music but it all feels completely organic. This state of open-mindedness beyond genre or dos and don’ts of musical conventions is a clear take away from them that we used on our upcoming album.

Catnapp – Down in the Basement

This song is something like being part of a retro 90s rave somewhere on Jupiter in the future. This whole sober aggression attitude that makes you want to smash things in slow motion inspired us a lot for the song and vocal attitude of our current single, ‘Lingual’.

James Blake – I Never Learnt To Share

The best example of how much emotional impact you can have with only one sentence. Because the whole arrangement with every sound has a meaning and a story of its own. There is nothing in it without an emotional purpose. That has truly become one of our main guidelines for songwriting.

Laurel Halo – Koinos

This song was a big inspiration towards playing electronic music in a free way and also to let every development happen organically. This state of mind made our two unreleased songs ‘Adrift’ and ‘Aphelion’ possible in the first place.

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